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Gorilla Dosha

GG4 x Do-Si-Dos

Indica Hybrid

19% — 23% Average THC

A pungent, tangy scent marks the large buds of this enticing indica-leaning strain, which serves as an excellent example of the powerful calming effects one might expect from a member of the Gorilla family. A heavy tranquility comes on slowly and takes its time as warm waves of soothing energy travel throughout the user’s body and mind.


  • Body High
  • Calming
  • Drowsy
  • Relaxing
  • Soothing

May Relieve

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Body Ache
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea


  • Alpha-Bisabolol
  • Alpha-Humulene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Trans-Caryophyllene